Rhinoplasty—Small Measures Equal Significant Enhancements


Unlike most plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty (nose job) usually represents an operation of centimeters rather than of inches. As the focal point of your face, the nose dictates its symmetry and serves to enhance or detract from its other features. Thus, small changes to the nose can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of the face as a whole. This helps explain why rhinoplasty is the third most sought after cosmetic surgery after liposuction and breast augmentation, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The nose can be cosmetically re-contoured by a wide range of surgical alterations. Among the more common adjustments are:

  • Enlargement
  • Reduction
  • Straightening
  • Nasal bridge reshaping (bump removal)
  • Nasal tip reshaping
  • Reduction of nostril size
  • Adjustment of the angle between the nose tip and upper lip
  • Septoplasty (opening of nasal passages to improve breathing)

“Open” or “Closed” Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty procedures generally fall under one of two categories. “Open” rhinoplasty consists of making an incision across the columella—the column of skin separating the nostrils—to allow the surgeon better access to the internal nasal structure. “Closed” rhinoplasty uses incisions completely on the inside of the nose. Open rhinoplasty is typically used for more extensive re-shaping, while closed rhinoplasty is generally utilized for minor adjustments. Another common procedure, “tiplasty,” refers to reshaping the nasal tip without involving other nasal structures, and can be conducted under either the open or closed category.

Non-Surgical Options

In some cases, nose reshaping can be achieved non-surgically via dermal fillers, in which the surgeon will strategically inject filler into specific points of the nose. While dermal filler results generally only last up to a year, the process can allow patients to test out results to determine if they want to make the change more permanent with surgical rhinoplasty.

Consultation and Vectra 3D Imaging

Dr. Gardner, a skilled plastic surgeon located in Naples Florida, strives to personalize each rhinoplasty procedure to address his patient’s unique facial symmetry and meet their goals of personal cosmetic enhancement. Rhinoplasty at Gardner Plastic Surgery starts with an initial consultation to determine what the patient desires and to identify and address any concerns.

Dr. Gardner utilizes Vectra 3D imaging to showcase the desired outcome of the patient’s rhinoplasty procedure. Vectra 3D imaging allows the patient to visualize the potential outcome from every angle, and fine-tune the request adjustments until the simulation meets their aesthetic goals. As the simulation is based on surgical technique, the rhinoplasty outcome may not prove to be a perfect match, but should be similar. The technology has proven instrumental in improving doctor-patient communications, and thus sets the stage for a successful outcome.

Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida, includes rhinoplasty as a specialty within its practice. As a highly regarded rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Paul Gardner combines his knowledge and experience of open and closed rhinoplasty procedures with the latest surgical techniques and a keen artistic eye to produce exceptional results for his patients. To learn how Dr. Gardner can help you achieve the facial symmetry you desire, contact Gardner Plastic Surgery today at 239.566.2611 to schedule your initial consultation.


Is Nose Surgery for Me?

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Look and Breathe Better With Rhinoplasty; Breathe Easier With Dr. Gardner

If you’ve ever tried drawing a face then you’re aware that noses come in all shapes and sizes. Those various shapes and sizes can dramatically alter someone’s appearance and ability to breathe. Dr. Gardner from Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida, is as talented as an artist is with his pencil. With his help attain the aesthetic balance you’ve always craved while mending nasal respiratory problems that might keep you breathing as well as possible.

When should I consider Nose surgery?

  • If you are dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose
  • If your nose is disproportionately too small or too large in relation  the rest of your facial structures
  • If you suffer from breathing difficulties from flaws inside your nose
  • If your nasal hump is too wide or elevated
  • If your nasal tip is too wide or drooping

What types of Nasal Surgery are there?


Rhinoplasty refers to surgically changing the appearance of the nose. The surgery involves working on the underlying skeleton of the nose, both bones and cartilage, and then allowing the skin to adapt to the new shape. It can be done through two different techniques, closed and open rhinoplasty.
For closed rhinoplasty, incisions are placed on the interior of your nasal passages which eliminates scar visibility.
Not only will a closed rhinoplasty hide any scars, it will allow for a more limited dissection of nasal tissue while offering high levels of visualization of the nasal structures.
  • For minor corrections
  • No visible incisions
  • No visible Scarring
  • Slight changes
  • Recovery time is required
With an open rhinoplasty, incisions are created on the outside of the nose with an additional incision along the underside of the nose for access.
An open rhinoplasty fully opens the nose and provides excellent visualization of nasal structures. The small scar at the base of the nose is almost invisible after healing.
  • Allows for comprehensive corrections
  • A small scar at the base of nose is barely visible
  • More invasive
  • Reshaping
  • Recovery time is required


Septoplasty can help you breathe better if the septum is  deviated inside the nose.  This may assist not only in breathing, but also with snoring. It is done through incisions placed inside the nose, and can often be combined with rhinoplasty.
Depending on your personal preference and your aesthetic goal, nose surgery may be right for you.  Speak with Dr. Gardner about your options!

Keep Your Face In Trusted Hands

It’s normal to have questions or concerns about a cosmetic medical procedure. Let the team of experts at Gardner Plastic Surgery reshape your nose to your liking and lighten your face with a lift. Reality, unlike resolutions, can’t be ignored. To finish your transformation call Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida at (239) 566-2611 or visit the websitehttps://www.gardnerplasticsurgery.com/