This Surgery is the Key to Smooth Thighs

Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida provides Thigh Lifts

You aren’t alone if your thighs are giving you grief. Typically, problems with the skin on your thighs arise from two factors – our genetics, and weight loss. Those of us who experience significant weight loss are left with excess skin that may appear unsightly or inhibit your daily life. Alternatively, you can be genetically predisposed to problems with the skin on your thighs and that may prevent you from achieving your body image goals. If you find yourself frustrated and unable to smooth the skin on your thighs naturally, you should consider a thigh lift procedure.

A thigh lift may be the way for you to achieve a smooth and toned look on your thighs.

What Is a Thigh Lift?

Just like the name implies, a thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery that reduces the amount of excess skin on your thighs, creating smoother skin and a more toned appearance. It is not uncommon for a thigh lift procedure to include liposuction in addition to the removal of skin, though it is all contingent upon the patient’s needs. When performed by an expert, a thigh lift is a way to achieve younger looking legs.

Who Should Consider a Thigh Lift?

Anyone that is unhappy with the way that their thighs look and are unable to achieve the look that they want to through natural means should consider a thigh lift procedure.

The most important factor before considering any procedure at all is your personal health. Surgical procedures, even the simple ones, will put strain on the body that is not normally present. Prior to scheduling your thigh lift, check with your doctor to ensure that your health is in optimal condition for such a procedure.

During the Procedure

During a thigh lift, your plastic surgeon removes the excess skin from your inner and outer thighs, as well as any unnecessary fat deposits in the area. The remaining skin will then be carefully and precisely lifted and stitched in the appropriate areas to achieve a smooth and toned look to the thigh.

What Happens After the Procedure?

Once the surgery is complete, following a proper program for thigh lift recovery is essential to maintain the progress. At first, your bandages need to be replaced regularly and you will have thin tubes temporarily placed under your skin to drain excess fluid. It’s also important to keep the surgery incisions safe from excessive force and movement. Be sure to check with your doctor for further tips about caring for your body after surgery.

Getting an Appointment with a Professional

Are you ready to transform your thighs to achieve a more toned appearance? Dr. Gardner located in Naples, Florida can help you meet and maintain your body image goals through his expertise in cosmetic procedures. The professional staff at Gardner Plastic Surgery want to hear your concerns about your thighs so that they can help you decide if a thigh lift is right for you.

To book an appointment to talk about your goals, you can contact us online or by phone at (239) 566-2611.


Tips and Tricks to Tummy Tucks

Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida provides Tummy Tucks

Every day people go in for their first tummy tuck not knowing what to expect. Because many people are under prepared for the post-operative limitations that a tummy tuck can place on the body, they experience unnecessary amounts of discomfort. But a little preparation can go a long way to making your tummy tuck a more enjoyable experience and that’s why we put together this list of tips and tricks to get ready for your tummy tuck procedure and recovery.

Preoperative Preparation

Most surgical procedures place a large amount of stress on your body. This stress is can be worsened if your body isn’t taken care of before and after the procedure leading to a longer recovery time. Make a point of taking care of your body leading up to your tummy tuck procedure. By following some of these tips you can make your tummy tuck recovery a much easier process.

Get your body in peak physical condition

While you don’t have to be the world’s fittest person to get a tummy tuck, preparing your body by eating healthy and exercising will help you to maintain your weight and build strength that you’ll need during your recovery. Receiving all the proper nutrients that your body needs will give you more energy and give your body the fuel it needs to heal properly and quickly.

Prepare for post-operation

After your operation you will need to take at least two weeks off from activities of daily living. This means that you will need to take off from work and organize a group of family and friends to help you make it through your recovery and if you have children then you should start thinking about arranging childcare. Also, make sure to prepare your home prior to your procedure. Make sure that you have plenty of loose clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Set up your “recovery station” by making sure your couch and bed have plenty of pillows and entertainment options that are easily accessible. Take this time to sit back, relax, and let your body heal.

Quit smoking!

If you’re a smoker then you’ve probably heard this a thousand times from your physicians but the cessation of prior to your procedure can have many benefits. Smoking will increase your recovery period and the risk of complications with your procedure. This is why we recommend that you stop smoking three months prior to your procedure. Once you are able to experience the results of your tummy tuck you’ll be happy you did it.

Ask your doctor about your current medications

Make sure that you have a list of current medications that you are on. During your preoperative consultation, your physician will go over these with you and give you instructions on which medications you should stop taking prior to your surgery.

Insider Tips and Tricks

You’ve prepared as best you can for your first tummy tuck but you still don’t know if any “curve balls” are going to be thrown at you during recovery. Don’t worry, we asked patients and doctors who have seen and experienced the recovery process to come up with these tricks to the tummy tuck.

Stock up before your surgery

Make sure to get all the essentials before your surgery date. Filling your prescriptions, meal prepping, buying extra gauze, wraps, and other essentials will save you trips to the store and a lot of frustration. It’s best that you don’t drive following your surgery anyway so get it out of the way ahead of time.

Save your stretchy pants

You might want to hold onto your old clothes and not throw them out just yet. A tummy tuck will have you fitting into tighter clothes but you’ll have to wait a few weeks to trade in the larger sizes for smaller ones. After your procedure your body is going to experience some swelling around your belly, which is totally normal. So just be patient and wait a few weeks before switching out your sweatpants for a cocktail dress.

Try not to laugh

While remaining in high spirits and having a good sense of humor are important for psychological health and can also have a big impact on physical health, you won’t want to be having any big belly laughs after this procedure. Your abdomen will be pretty sore for a while after your surgery so laughing, coughing, yelling, or other such activities can cause a lot of discomfort post tummy tuck. So maybe take your favorite comedy off your recovery movie list and give your belly a break.

Enlist help

Walking can be good to keep blood flowing to your muscles and to reduce the chance of blood clots but you probably shouldn’t do much more. Reaching up to grab things and bending over are out of the question for the first week or two of recovery. To prevent the need to do activities involving these movements and potentially harming your results, ask friends and family to help take care of daily activities for a couple of weeks. If you are having trouble finding people to help or are uncomfortable asking friends to make such a big commitment, then try hiring a helper to assist you during this time.

Tummy Tucks for Men

Our greatest and final tip for tummy tucks is that this procedure is not only for women. Tummy tucks are a very common procedure among men. Because of genetic differences between sexes men have a higher likelihood of putting on weight around their stomachs. When men put on weight and then lose it they are left with extra skin around their abdomen and turn to tummy tucks to fix it.

Tummy Tucks in Naples, Florida

With summer around the bend, there’s no better way to get your body into shape than with a tummy tuck at Gardner Plastic Surgery. Give your body the TLC it deserves with our advanced cosmetic technology treatments at Gardner Plastic Surgery located in Naples, Florida! Discover a new you, come and see what makes us one of the finest plastic surgery centers in Naples, FL. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with us today.

Recovering from Skin Cancer Treatment


Get Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Naples, FL

Each year, almost 3.3 million Americans will be treated for skin cancer, and nearly one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetimes. This makes skin cancer one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the U.S. While recognizing and removing skin cancer is important one might need to consider reconstruction options after removal. As such, including an experienced plastic surgeon on your recovery team at the beginning of treatment can minimize tissue damage, offer insight into treatment, and reconstruct the affected area.

Recognizing and Treating Skin Cancer

Regularly scheduled skin cancer screenings can properly and accurately determine if bumps, sores, discolorations or white patches on your skin are harmful to your health.  Your physician can perform a biopsy on the area in question to determine if it poses a greater health risk. If the area is deemed suspicious, the skin cancer can be removed by a plastic surgeon using minimally invasive techniques.

Cosmetic Surgery after Cancer Removal

Skin cancer removal may remove a significant amount of tissue and leave an unsightly scar. Many plastic surgeons specialize in skin cancer reconstructive surgery. Using a variety of techniques like skin graft or flaps, a cosmetic surgeon can restore a natural appearance to an affected area.


While the treatments for skin cancer are designed to save lives, they can also leave the skin and tissue damaged, cosmetically unappealing, or both. Your outcome depends on the severity and location of the cancer as well as the skill of your treatment team. After removal, your skin may have scars ranging from near-invisible imperfections to significant changes to the epidermis and underlying tissue.

Your cosmetic surgeon should be an integral part of this process so that serious scarring is avoided. Plastic surgeons are able to remove the cancer in the lease invasive way and design personalized reconstructive treatments ranging from minor scar removal to total restoration.

Recurrence Prevention

You should keep up with your scheduled follow-up visits with your doctors to give yourself the best chance for preventing a recurrence of skin cancer. It is in the best interest of your health—and appearance—to minimize your risks by avoiding extended sun exposure, especially from late morning to early afternoon, wearing protective clothing when going into the sun for an extended period of time, utilizing a powerful sunscreen on any exposed skin, and checking in with your doctor or plastic surgeon regularly.

Your Reconstructive Options

If you have recently been diagnosed with a malignant skin cancer and are preparing for surgery, ask if your doctor can recommend a plastic surgeon for removal and repair.  It is usually helpful to consult with a highly experienced plastic surgeon to learn more about follow up surgeries that can reverse scarring and restore a more natural appearance to affected areas.

Skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Paul Gardner can also provide you a valuable second opinion concerning your skin cancer diagnosis, treatment options and potential reconstructive procedures.  To learn more about skin cancer removal and reconstructive surgery in Naples, FL, please contact Gardner Plastic Surgery at 239.566.2611 or email them.

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation


Making Your Breast Enlargement and Recovery as Comfortable as Possible

Temper Your Excitement with Preparedness

You are probably thrilled that you are about to get a breast augmentation, but you should make some preparations for the procedure as well as the recovery period. Getting breast implants from one of the best plastic surgeons in Naples, FL will change your life, but there are some things you should be aware of including a recommended few days of bed rest and limited activity with the support bra for a few weeks. Consider the following suggestions to make your procedure and recovery easier and more successful. (If you are getting a Mommy Makeover with liposuction or Tummy Tuck procedures, please discuss recovery protocols with Dr. Gardner or his staff)

Getting Ready for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Paul Gardner will, of course, provide you with a checklist to help you prepare for the actual procedure, but there are some minor recommendations that can make your surgery proceed flawlessly.

  • Do not take any blood thinning medications prior to surgery
  • Get all prescriptions filled (including a post-operative support bra if needed)
  • Confirm the type and size of implants as well as the incision point
  • Leave all piercings, jewelry and valuables at home
  • Wear loose clothing to the medical facility
  • Shower the night before and the day of the surgery
  • If you might be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test. Disclose the results to Dr. Gardner.
  • If you are using a tampon, tell Dr. Gardner

Minimizing Discomfort During the Recovery

A comfortable setting can make your post-op recovery considerably easier.  Just a few conveniences can help you while away the hours in bed and speed the healing process.  Be sure to set up your recovery room before surgery.

  • Delegate responsibilities—stress is a well-known inhibitor of proper healing, so do your best to complete work projects, get child care and square away any personal responsibilities prior to surgery. You should also have someone with you for the first 24 hours after surgery in case of medical complications.
  • Put necessities within easy reach—you may be surprised how many things you will want an arm’s length away following breast enhancement.
    • Pain medications
    • Lots of liquids
    • TV/stereo remote
    • Phone
    • Tissues
    • Extra pillows
    • Moisturizer
    • Vitamins
    • Laxatives
  • Herbal supplements can mitigate swelling—one of the most effective herbal supplements for bruising and swelling is Arnica Montana, but ask Dr. Gardner if it is right for you.
  • Prepare a week’s worth of meals—there is likely to be a period of some discomfort immediately following the surgery, during which you are likely to take pain medications. These drugs may dull your hunger, so drink plenty of fluids and stock light foods like Jell-O or yogurt.  Your appetite will return, so have some ready-to-eat meals prepared.
  • Try on your new bra—one of the great joys of getting a breast augmentation is trying a new bra that accommodates your enhanced physique. Get your doctor’s permission first.

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The Popularity of Lip Plumping is Increasing Among Women and Men


More Requests for Improved Lip Balance and Fullness

Fuller firmer, and better balanced lips can make you look and feel better. The skyrocketing popularity of lip plumping is a byproduct of the simple and effective procedures now available. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gardner and his team at Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida, have experienced an increase in the number of requests for lip plumping due to the incredible results and the relative ease of performing these procedures.

Lip Plumping Offers Long-lasting Enhancement

Gardner Plastic Surgery has fielded numerous questions about attaining “Kylie Jenner” lips. Whether or not they draw inspiration from todays’ fashion icons, many patients are eager to alter their thin lips. As Dr. Gardner says, “Most patients are looking to put their lips into balance, to fill out the loose skin that develops with age, and the wrinkles, often referred to as “smoker’s lines” that form around the lips.” In addition, -these lip enhancement solutions are safe and produce long-lasting results.

A Youthful Makeover that is Increasingly Popular

Fuller lips can give you a more youthful appearance which encourages self-confidence and vitality.   This has compelled an increasing number of women and men to proceed with lip plumping procedures: men benefit just as much as their female counterparts. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that lip plumping is rapidly becoming one of the most popular facial procedures. In 2015, more than 27,000 operations—a record number—were performed, the equivalent of one operation every 19 to 20 minutes.

You don’t have to live with thin, loose or flabby lips anymore. There are simple solutions with minimal recovery to plump lips in Naples, Florida!

Choose from a variety of Lip Plumping Procedures

Gardner Plastic Surgery offers an array of lip plumping treatments:

  • Lip plumping fillers. The injection of fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, is the simplest method. Filler injections can be performed in 10 to 15 minutes in a pain-free procedure, using local anesthetic.
  • Natural fat transfer and injection. This is a transference of the patient’s own fat, which is usually taken from the patient’s tummy area, into the lips, under local anesthetic. The procedure and recovery  can be extended for a more intensive treatment with more robust results
  • Silicone lip implants. Lip enhancement can also be performed with permanent, silicone implants, available in three different sizes. The operation can be performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthetic to minimize discomfort and recovery period.

Plumper Lips that Suit You and that Last

To minimize complications and optimize outcomes, Dr. Gardner conducts a comprehensive evaluation and consultation with each prospective patient to ensure that the right solution is chosen.  At Gardner Plastic Surgery, we specialize in lasting enhancements that look  natural and attractive.

Male Plastic Surgery Now Chosen by More Men

male-plastic- surgery-sm-1800-945
How would you like to improve your appearance? 
Men are becoming more knowledgeable about their options for a more youthful or enhanced appearance. As a result, male cosmetic and plastic surgery is on the rise, as Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida, can confirm. Men are improving their quality of life with the help of talented surgeon Dr. Gardner. With his experienced team, Dr. Gardner addresses a panoply of requirements, including male breast reduction, ear reshaping, double chin reduction, eyelid lifts, face lifts, and liposuction.
Breast reduction for men for increased self-confidence
If you find that your shirts no longer fit you properly, the right solution may be male breast reduction. As the chest area of a man is capable of storing excess fat, the development of male breasts can occur. Possible causes include genetics, age, medication, or even illness – in other words, factors often outside your control.
Today, however, men are increasingly taking advantage of breast reduction through appropriate removal of breast tissue, skin, and fat. A slimmer chest can have a positive impact on your life by improving your self-confidence and the way your clothes fit you.
Ear reshaping for improved appearance
The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the aesthetics of your body and, at the same time, increase your self-esteem. Otoplasty, also known as ear reshaping, is the surgical manipulation of the ear for a more symmetrical or natural look. Ear pinning can improve the appearance of your ears by flattening them if they currently stick out prominently. In other cases, many men experience sports injuries to their ears. Simple, effective modification of size, position and proportion can help gain or regain a better appearance.
Double chin reduction without surgery 
Double chins develop on many men as fat deposits weigh down the skin under the chin.  Kybella is an innovative solution based on a naturally occurring molecule to reduce or eliminate these deposits. Injection of Kybella is a non-surgical procedure to dissolve this submental fat.
Eyelid lift surgery to look younger
Changing the shape of the skin around your eyes can make you look younger. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is frequently used to help reduce loose sagging skin, puffiness, and excess skin surrounding the eyes. Men who want to look as young and as alert as they feel can benefit from this eyelid surgery to improve their appearance.
Face lifts that fit requirements, precisely
Your face can indeed be your fortune, when it receives the treatment it needs. Yet every face is different, which means that needs differ too. Face lift techniques can be applied precisely, to make improvements just where they are wanted. Cosmetic surgery can carefully conceal incisions, while gently firming up loose skin. An endoscopic face lift can enhance a specific area of the face. Minor to moderate signs of aging can be corrected with a mini face lift, a treatment that takes less time and that can fit in with even busy schedules.
Male liposuction for removal of stubborn fat
Sometimes an exercise program reveals areas of resistant fat deposits that need another solution. Locations of such deposits can include the hips, love handles, thighs, and back. Liposuction is a surgical procedure to help you remove this kind of stubborn fat. Similar to breast reduction, it is the removal of the fat cells between skin and muscle, sculpting your body and improving your lines in the process.
The “New You” could be just a call away
If you would like to know more about how a team of medical professionals can help you to improve your quality of life through male plastic surgery, please contact Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida for a consultation. We invite you to call us at (239) 566-2611 or visit our website

Get the Shapely Physique You Want with a Brazilian Butt Lift


If you are like most women, one of your most vexing problem areas is your buttocks. You may think that the solution is slimming, but you may not realize that loss of definition and lift is the actual problem. In recent years, a new technique has been developed to help you enhance your buttocks—the Brazilian Butt Lift.  The butt augmentation, or butt lift, offers a slimmer waistline along with fuller, firmer hips.  It re-contours the buttocks by taking fat from other areas of your body—usually the waist, back or thighs—and adding it to targeted areas in the buttocks. This reshapes your entire body to produce a slimmer waist, and more aesthetically pleasing buttocks.

Since 2012, the number of Brazilian Butt Lifts that have been performed has increased 16 percent, making it one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries in the nation. This surge in popularity is due to the relative ease of the procedure and the exceptional results from this procedure.  Join the thousands of others who have amazing bodies as a result of a Brazilian Butt Lift!

How the Brazilian Butt Lift Works

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure that begins with a detailed examination of your physique.  During this exam, the surgeon will identify fatty deposits which can be removed, usually the waist, thighs, upper back or arms.  You and your physician will discuss where liposuction should be used to slim and re-contour you.  The liposuction and re-contouring will slim and define other problem areas while harvesting tissue for the buttocks graft.

The surgeon will also explain how this excised fat will be re-deposited in key areas of the hips and buttocks to create a firmer, more attractive buttock. While the fat re-insertion does augment the size of the buttocks—making this an ideal procedure for flat, asymmetrical or sagging buttocks—it is primarily for re-shaping this area so that it appears lifted and fuller, while making the waistline appear slimmer.

Recovery and Outcome

The Brazilian Butt Lift involves only minor incisions, so there is almost no chance of significant scarring.  However, there is a recovery component in which the altered buttocks tissue must heal and retain its intended shape. Bed rest may be suggested for recovery In order to heal properly.  During this recovery period, it is important that you not drive or sit directly on your buttocks.

This surgical technique has produced amazing results for patients with a wide range of body types, ages and medical histories.  Because the Brazilian Butt Lift employs liposuction and buttocks re-contouring components, the outcome is almost always a vast aesthetic improvement. With proper weight management, the results from a Brazilian Butt Lift can last years.

If you would like to learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift from an expert surgeon, please contact Gardner Plastic Surgery to schedule a private consultation.